cocktail builder (cocktailbuilder) wrote,
cocktail builder

Another award and an interview!

Cocktail Builder won another award! SEOMoz gave the site a Gold Medal in the Web 2.0 Fun Stuff category again this year! And hey, they even asked me for an interview... Here's it is.
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Man, this is wonderful! And a great interview, too!

I recently bought myself a small bar and am busy setting it up. I remembered seeing your site a while ago and thinking it would be a great way to decide which ingredients to stock for the drinks I want to be able to server, and the suggestions it makes are great too!

One small suggestion I have though is to maybe add a small registration/login ability to your site. I can see that it seems to use cookies to remember your ingredients etc, but I often browse with different browsers and usually clear my cookies fairly often (I'm a web developer myself) so when I come back to your site or use another browser I lose my ingredients. So tying them to an account with a very lite ajax style login (maybe just a username & password box on the top right with a button next to it, would be perfect. It could remember me so that it auto-logs me in (or leaves my username there so I just need to type in the password), and it wouldn't necessarily need to reload the page but could re-render certain dynamic sections with my ingredients for example).

Anyways just a suggestion, otherwise a FANTASTIC site (to be honest I'm a little jealous I didn't do/think of it first).

Good luck !

Mario (