cocktail builder (cocktailbuilder) wrote,
cocktail builder

Looking for a designer

Cocktail Builder needs a talented graphic designer to take the site to the next level. Do you like the site and think you can make it even better? Are you a Photoshop guru with a great understanding of CSS and web standards? If so, I want to hear from you.

This is an equity share opportunity - depending on your skills and contribution, you will earn a share of ownership and revenue of the site.

Contact me (Alex) at [alex94040 at yahoo dot com] if interested; please make sure to include your portfolio in the email.

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I would recommend that this be a member based site. free but then have premiere based items for paying members that free members might not get. you can email me at rayge99 _ at _ hotmail
I am a php / mysql web developer
Excellent site!. I'd give users an option to create an account. Are you still looking for designer?


July 6 2009, 18:40:22 UTC 9 years ago

yeah your website needs some work, i typed in a really long list of ingredients and got some suggestions of cocktails, none of which i had all the ingredients for!

sort it out guys
Hi.. This is Chintan Patel.
I am a Professional Graphic & Web Designer. And also a Professional Computer Instructor.

I have seen the site thoroughly... It is really awesome and very informative. As per your requirement here I post a comment to get an opportunity to serve my talent & experience which can take this site to the next level.

Hope For The Best... Waiting For The Positive Reply...

For More Details.. You Can Catch Me @...

Thank You.