cocktail builder (cocktailbuilder) wrote,
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The first place!

So, here I am, looking at the Google Analytics for CocktailBuilder last week, and the graph looks approximately like this:

image Whaaaaat? was exactly my reaction. Here I am, having about 30 visitors on a usual day for about a month or so, and suddenly, a jump to 300, and then 700 visitors a day!

2007 Web 2.0 Awards WinnerWooooooot?


The reason was really easy to find. ranked Web 2.0 sites, and CocktailBuilder won the first place in the Fun Stuff category!

Here's their full review, for historical purposes.

Woooo hoo! :-)

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Very cool. Congrats!
Sweet! Congratulations, man!



May 23 2007, 13:49:13 UTC 11 years ago

It's a great website, I expect you to get more visitors over time. Simple design, quick, can you access your website from a smart mobile phone? That's one way I could think you'd generate more traffic.


July 7 2007, 13:15:22 UTC 11 years ago

Hi Alex - Thanks for the fabulous site : ) I don't really drink all that much, but I think about it a LOT!
The only suggestion I would make would be to have an A-Z index for browsing.
Hey, just wanted to let you know that when I access, Safari crashes after a few seconds (before I do anything). fix it fix it fix it fix it ;-) thanks.
I so wish I could. I don't have a Mac and don't have a way to debug Safari :(. If you want to help, please leave a comment, and I'd love to collaborate!
This was the exact sort of app I was looking for. I had no luck with a google search, bur for a laugh I went to delicious - web 2.0 in action all the way ! Keep up teh good work, this is really promising.

For a truly simple but extremely useful and very cool website! The one feature I would personally like to see is being able to sort the drinks by rating or just implement a full out sorting system (other than sorting by rating maybe sorting from least to most alcohol content, etc.)

This website could become VERY VERY huge as word starts to spread so try and implement these quickly! (Also a nicer graphic interface would be nice ;) and possibly pictures for drinks? lots of work yes but money making opportunity knocking at your doorstep)

I'm going to add you to the StumbleUpon database, that should bring ALOT of visitors your way!



September 7 2007, 20:49:12 UTC 11 years ago


I thought i was so smart, i was sitting in my living room last night and the idea of making a website that does exactly what yours does came into my head. I couldnt think of anything being done before and being a multimedia computing student i thought it would be an awesome project.

Turns out after a quick google search that you had created my dream although may i say much better than i had imagined in the first 5minutes of my excitement. So just want to say a massive congratulations and all the best with it.

Just out of curiosity how long did it take for you to develop? Also i was surprised how being a student and therefore obviously a keen drinking why i had never came across anything like this before and i think that you should seriously think about creating small banner or box ads on large student union websites and similar pages. I think you would do very well for yourself! just make it look a wee bit nicer :) some borders or something

awesome work, regards, Ricky (UK)



September 26 2007, 07:20:59 UTC 11 years ago

What are you using to build the site? It's pretty cool. Like the AJAX effects. I like your clean layout.

Check out my site at

Now I think maybe my look is too dark. I put a link to your site on my ABOUT page.